Application trend of metal composite materials

- Sep 08, 2017-

Metal composite technology can play the advantages of each group of materials, realize the optimal allocation of material resources, save precious metal materials, achieve a single metal can not meet the performance requirements, it can replace imports and fill the gaps in the domestic, but also has a wide range of applications, with good economic and social benefits, Easy access to all aspects of support and help. such as the development of stainless steel composite materials has been the National Commission and Reform, the Ministry of Science and Technology actively support, advocated High-tech projects.

The development potential of the traditional metal composite is improved because of the function of the heterogeneous metal composite and its low cost and wide application. With the strengthening of the implementation of national environmental protection industry policy, the application of rare metal composites in the power flue gas desulfurization equipment has been increasing, while the localization of the chemical industry has been greatly accelerated and the development of rare metal materials has provided a good opportunity for development.

The support of national industrial policy, the high technical barrier and the demand of industrial upgrading provide a broad space for the development of the industry. Metal composite plate is a layer of metal covered with another metal board, has achieved in the use of the effect (anti-corrosion performance, mechanical strength, etc.) under the premise of saving resources, reduce the cost of the effect.