Deformation and bulging of aluminum-plastic panel surface

- Sep 08, 2017-

Any city in which to stroll in a lap, it is not difficult to find some of the aluminum plastic plate surface deformation, drums of those blot works. Small fa├žade decoration works on this phenomenon, large high-rise buildings also have this phenomenon. Previously in the construction, there have been such quality problems, we have thought that the plate itself is the quality reasons; later, after everyone's concentrated analysis found that the main problem is pasted on the base plate of aluminum-plastic plate, the second is the quality of the aluminum-plastic plate itself. Dealers often provide us with aluminum-plastic plate construction technology, its recommended use of basic materials are high-density boards, carpentry boards and so on. In fact, this kind of material in outdoor use, its service life is very fragile, after wind blowing, sun, rain, will inevitably produce deformation. Since the grass-roots materials are deformed, then as the surface layer of the aluminum-plastic board that has no deformation of the reason? It can be seen that the ideal outdoor base material should be after antirust treatment angle steel, square steel tube to form a skeleton. If conditions permit, the use of aluminum profiles as a skeleton is more ideal. This kind of metal material production skeleton, its cost is not more than the wood keel, high density board is many, can guarantee the project quality indeed.