Discoloration and decolorization of plastic plate

- Sep 08, 2017-

Aluminum plastic plate produced discoloration, decolorization, mainly due to improper selection of plates. Aluminum-plastic plate is divided into indoor boards and outdoor boards, the two kinds of plate surface coating different, determine its applicable to different occasions. Indoor use of the plate, the surface of the general spraying resin coating, this coating can not adapt to the outdoor harsh natural environment, if used in the outside, will naturally accelerate its aging process, causing discoloration phenomenon. Outdoor aluminum-plastic plate surface coating generally choose anti-aging, UV-resistant and strong PVDF coating, the price of this plate is expensive. Some of the construction units deceive the owners, to the indoor plate posing anti-aging, corrosion-resistant high-quality fluorocarbon sheet, squeeze unreasonable profits, resulting in the project used in the aluminum plate appears serious discoloration, decolorization phenomenon.