Type of composite steel plate

- Sep 08, 2017-

Many kinds of composite steel plate, according to its combination type can be divided into two categories, namely metal composite steel plate and non-metallic composite steel plate. Metal clad steel plate is clad in other metal cladding, such as stainless steel clad steel plate, titanium clad steel plate, copper clad steel plate and aluminum composite steel plate. Nonmetal composite steel plate is the base plate and damping performance of excellent viscoelastic resin composite, such as lightweight composite steel plate and damping composite plate. (See automobile steel plate production) stainless steel composite steel plate and titanium composite steel plate used in the production of various tanks, pressure vessels, seawater desalination equipment, as a substitute for rare precious metals titanium and stainless steel in the chemical, Atomic energy, marine development and other requirements of corrosion-resistant field has been widely used The aluminum clad steel plate is used for making an electromagnetic cooker and a conductive bracket for a linear motor, make full use of aluminum good thermal conductivity, conductive properties and iron magnetic properties of steel, aluminum steel composite plate is also the household appliances, automotive industry and the construction sector of the need for corrosion-resistant complex materials; The dual hardness of the military industry used in the outer layer of high hardness steel, Composite steel plate made of low hardness steel the hard fabric is used to crush the steel core of the armor piercing, and the toughness of the back fabric is used to absorb the impact energy of the projectile without rupture, showing excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. Lightweight composite steel plate and damping steel plate due to high stiffness and vibration resistance, It has been widely used in automobile industry and aircraft manufacturing industry.