Installation Guide


1、Aluminum composite panel Connection melthods commonly used

Aluminum composite panel can use metal and plastic processing methods commonly used to connect the connection Following introduced several commonly used connection mode:

(1) the rivet connections
Aluminum composite panel can be connected between the use of suitable aluminum rivets plate or plates and other materials Application to the outdoors or in places with high humidity, should rivets used stainless steel core tu avoid corrosion effect of aluminum-plastic plate, if use Core rivet, rivet core is fixedly connected to be withdrawn after Countersunk head rivets are used only for indoor applications.

(2) with a threaded fastener
Is external and interior with two
a.Parts for fixing outdoor
When the outdoor use threaded fastener, need to consider the aluminum composite panel thermal expansion coefficient, in order to avoid the aluminum plate deformation due to thermal and squeezed deformation, opening aluminum composite panel above need to be bigger than the screw diameter so as to meet the requirements of expansion.

The use of stainless steel screw with gasket can avoid aluminum plate by extrusion deformation, the product function has been obtained to verify.To choose suitable structural material screw fastening screw,should use torque wrench or screwdriver,ensure the washer effectively sealing hole but not too tight in the aluminum composite panel surface to leave traces.

Construction and sometimes need to use bit in drillng or casing deformation of aluminum or bottom structure in order to achieve a fixed center drilling hole and rivet. Need to pay attention to is, to ensure the removal of the protective film on the fixing screws before.

b.Parts for fixing interior

Screw for fixing indoor application connection can use different head shape steel or wood. These screws are usually not allow aluminum composite panel thermal expansion displacement. 

Countersunk head screws carp be used for fixing the aluminum composite panel, can use the usual countersunk hole method or directly to the aluminum panel pressing plate, this panels larger than the hole diameter of the screw rod.

(3)plastic welding (only for PE core material)
Using hot air welding connection can be applied to the aluminum composite between the plastic between, use electric heating gun with air heated melting aluminum hungry polyethylene core material layer and the polyethylene plastic welding rod after cooling connection welding quality is obtained under the condition of good:

A prepare good plate boundary interface;

B clean hot air;

C The welding temperature correctly;

D right of contact pressure;

E welding speed.

The use of metal adhesive / general adhesive bonding.For indoor advertising board, booth layout The common metal or common adhesives are suitable tor composite plate bonding, Double sided tape suitable for high strength is not necessary connection.The need for high bonding strength of the occasion, we recommend the use of a single component adhesive.


Need to pay attention to is, when used outdoors when the adhesive ability of withstand static strength of the general.

When the bonded aluminum panel and other materials, may bond failure due to thermal expansion coefficients of different materials.

(5)card connector connection
Usualry can also be used to connect the fixed combination fixture,aluminum composite panel, aluminum fixture can seem or is made of plastic material and become, generally consists of two parts and is composed of a screw connection.

2、GB/T 17748-2008 aluminum composite panel application guide

Aluminum composite panel on the fold during the construction,should be slotted in the hem hem, according to requirements, general can open slot, U type slot type V, several typical slotted mode is showrn in figure C.1. Should use the aluminum plate special slotting machine, ensure the slotted depth does not hurt the opposite of aluminum, and leave the 0.3mm plastic layer thickness.In the slot at can according to need to use bordered rib reinforcement measures such as

2.tear film
Aluminum composite panel after installation should be promptly tore off the protective film, protective film to reduce because of aging caused by the possibility of tear film difficult, serious residual glue or serious pollution of aluminum surface etc.

3.the protection of surface film
Should avoid to damage the surface of paint film
4.the installation direction
Because the surface of aluminum composite panel film is generally used in the production of roller coating process, coating color may have certain direction (especially metal color), viewed from a different angle, aluminum-plastic plate sensory color may have some differences, in order to avoid this kind of difference, aluminum plastic plate should be installed in accordance with the same direction of production. maintenance
Aluminium composite panel for at least a year there should be a cleaning maintenance, remove surface stains and harmful substances,to keep the surface clean, ensure the normal service life of the product.Should be flexible cleaning agent with neutral cleaning, cleaning should be considered before cleaning agent for aluminum plate coated with no adverse effects conditions
Aluminum composite panel should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated smooth, storage problems should not be more than 70 DEGC.

7.flanging and bending
Aluminum composite panel to slot flanging applications should be considered in advance good folding procedure, not repeated folding;on the need to not slotted directly bent aluminum plate apprications,the minimum bending radius should not be less than 30cm.

8.supporting the sealing material
Sealing material for aluminum-plastic board should have good weatherability and good compatibility with aluminum plate.Sealing material also should comply with the relevant national or industry standards.Due to poor sealing material is easy to pollute even corrosion of aluminum composite panel, so the test was performed prior to all

sealing materials and aluminum plate compatibility is necessary. and installation

Design of aluminum composite panel installation should implement the relevant specification for installation design, and fully consider the thermal expansion and contraction may, in order to avoid the engineering and surface roughness have a bad effect.

Aluminum composite pannel in the handing and transportation process  should be stacked neatly,smooth,stable,avoid moving,dragging,scratch the surface,collisionn and local crushing.

1、the adhesive direct construction method
A、a base plate and aluminum plastic composite panel (plywood or flat wall surface coating adhesive to adhesive strength), slightly dry, non stick in hand (according to temperature, about 10 minutes), the aluminum-plastic composite board is pasted on the plywood, hands clap pressure, until the aluminum plastic composite board completely stuck in plywood for check.Do not use iron or easy hard material injury surface of knock patch tool

B、joint reserved 5-10mm seam, trim for joint sealant filled or.

2、double-sided adhensive tape and adhensive and usage
using double-sided adhesive strip (according to height, aluminum-plastic composite plate size and bearing load, selection of low foamed polyurethane or polyethylene double-sided tape) to field shape on veneer paste, area 3O%, the remaining 7O% not stick part will glue coated Yutian shaped space, then the aluminum-plastic composite board is pasted on the upper, with hands clap to completely stuck to.

3、curtain wall dry hanging construction method
Aluminum composite panel curtain wall in the form of the structure can be divided into unit curtain wall aluminum plate curtain wall and component type aluminum plate curtain wall in two forms.

A、 unit type curtain wall is panels and metal frame (beams, columns) assembled in the factory for unit curtain wall, curtain wall units to form complete supporting frame curtain wall installation on site.

B、component type curtain wall is supporting frame curtain wall column, beam and aluminum plate are sequentially installed on site.

4、The building curtain wall   

Composed of the supporting structure system and panel,can be opposite ton the main structure of a certain displacement capability,not sharing body structure by building the effects of enclosure structure or decorative structure.

Keel assembly diagram:

5、Aluminum composite panel classification of curtain wall system
Aluminum composite panel curtain wall in addition to play the role of decoration, but also to many function, such as the protection of exterior wall of the building structure sound insulation, heat insulation,moisture-proof, inherit the wind, to achieve these functions, should be ensured from the technology, from the curtain wall system technology aspect mainly divided into closed and open two curtain wall system.

1, closed type curtain wall is the panel joints with adhesive tape sealed.The specific methods of sealing seams can be divided into wet and dry closed closed.Wet and closed by a weatherproof sealant; dry and closed by extrusion molding glue.

2, open the curtain wall system is refers to between the curtain wall inside and outside is open, connected.In order to achieve the effect of heat insulation, sound insulation such as the construction of waterproof on the curtain wall function, its interior is sealed,also called behind the curtain wall.

Open the curtain wall system technology and traditional completely closed curtain wall structure has many unique advantages compared, together with the following

1.  The metal decorative layer behind due to keep the circulation of air for a long time, so the thermal performance is good, can greatly reduce the damage to buildings caused by the temperature, such as to reduce heat conduction, reduce building structure cracks

2.  Maintain the dry wall, indoor humidity can be very quickly,new wall can quickly dry down

3.  Combination and wall insulation material can greatly reduce the noise affect the outdoor.TO improve the indoor living comfort.

4.  The effects of intensity of wind pressure on building external wall above will be decreased due to open the curtain wall structure, so for large size grid plate can be reduced or no behind ribs

5.  The curtain wall frame structure can reduce the number and amount of fixed point