Aluminum-plastic Panels By Product Function Classification

- Sep 08, 2017-

A. Fireproof Board

Flame Retardant core material is selected, the combustion performance of the product reaches the nonflammable level (B1 grade) or nonflammable grade (a grade), while the other performance indexes must conform to the technical specification requirements of the aluminum-plastic panel.

B. Antibacterial and mildew resistant aluminum and plastic plate

The antibacterial and bactericidal coating is coated on the aluminum-plastic plate, so that it has the effect of controlling the microorganism activity reproduction and finally killing bacteria.

C. antistatic Aluminum-Plastic plate

Antistatic aluminum-Plastic plate using anti-static coating aluminum-plastic plate, surface resistivity below 109ω, than ordinary aluminum-plastic plate surface resistivity is small, so it is not easy to produce static electricity, the dust in the air is not easy to attach to its surface.