Construction Technology Of Dry-hanging Aluminum-plastic Plate

- Sep 08, 2017-

The work of ① and discharge line is carried out according to the center line and the standard high point of the civil engineering; veneering design is based on the axis of the building, the aluminum-plastic plate skeleton is composed of the parts, the position line of the vertical rod is first played, then the anchor points of the vertical rod are determined

②, install fixed connectors on the basis of the discharge line, with welding fixed connectors, weld place antirust paint two degrees. Connecting parts and the main structure of the embedded parts welding fixed, when the main structure is not buried in the embedded iron parts, the main structure can be punched holes installed expansion bolts and connecting iron pieces fixed.

③, installation skeleton with welding method to install skeleton, installation at any time to check the elevation, the center line position, and at the same time the section connection weld to do anti-rust paint treatment, fixed connectors to do covert inspection records, including the connection of the weld length, thickness, location of the buried elevation, quantity, embedding depth.

④, install aluminum-plastic plate on the inner frame of the profile, first tapping screw hole position, the aluminum-plastic panel veneer is fixed on the steel skeleton by the rivet, and the clearance between the plate and the plate is 10~15㎜ to inject the silicone-resistant sealant; Before the aluminum plate is installed, it is forbidden to disassemble the wrapping paper until it is completed and the packing protective film is torn in front of the aluminum plate.