Easy Processing Of Aluminum-plastic Plate

- Sep 08, 2017-

Aluminum-plastic plate is easy to process, forming a good material. It is for the pursuit of efficiency, the good time to buy products, it can shorten the duration, reduce costs. Aluminum plastic plate can be cut, cut, slotting, band saw, drilling, processing buried, can also be cold bending, cold folding, cold rolling, but also riveting, screw connection or gluing bonding.

1, good weather resistance, high strength, easy maintenance.

2, the construction is convenient, the duration is short.

3, excellent processing, thermal insulation, noise and excellent fire resistance.

4, good plasticity, impact resistance, can reduce the building load, good shock resistance.

5, good flatness, light and resolute.

6, can choose the color to be many.

7. Simple processing tools, can be on-site processing.

8, flower pattern and design can be custom-made